Jun 13

Best Sushi in Kathmandu

There are many sushi restaurants in kathmandu.
Momotarou have the best sushi in Thamel with the reasonable price.

Momotarou Restaurant is located in Thamel (Bhagwatithan, near A one Complex)

Dec 11

Miss Newa 2011 Contest is Happening on 31st December

Miss Newa 2011 winner will be announce on 30th December. Online voting is open now for the BEST VIEWERS CHOICE.

My Vote goes to Prajeena  Shrestha,  Vote for her! She deserves to win the Best Viewer Choice!

Give your voting now at this link

You can vote only one contestant at a time.
• To cast a second vote you have to wait for 15 minutes.
• Contestant who gets the highest no. of vote (including Online Voting & SMS Voting) will be chosen as Best Viewers Choice.
• Winners name will be announced on Grand Finale of Miss Newa 2011.
• Voting Poll will be available till 30th December 2011, 10pm.

May 11

Gwarmari, I love Gwarmari..

Gwarmari is one of my favorite breakfast but now  a days it is hard to get a nice good Gwarmari. We have shifted from Wotu to Gaushala.  Here in Gaushala I know one in Chaibail near Ganesha Temple. It is also nice. The other one is  near Vedasingh in Kathmandu…

Apr 10

Dhaubahi A Ceremony for the Pregnant Women

Dhaubahi (Curd with Beaten Rice); This particular ceremony is observed by the newar family for the Pregnant Women at the last month of delivery. After Baby  birth  the women avoid different spices food for breast feeding. On this day her husband will dine together with his wife.

I got this one time oppurtunity last year. It was nice.

Here you will see the picture from the Dhaubahi Ceremony.

Jun 09

Cheese Pizza with Onion & Capsicum

 Cheese Pizza prepared by my Sister. She makes the Pizza on the pan without using Oven.
 She will post the Recipe of the Pizza soon.

Pizza was really delicious. It reminds me eating pizza in Milan.

Mixed Pizza:


  • Flour

  • Chopped cheese

  • Tomato

  • Chopped Onion

  • Mayonnaise

  • Butter

  • Salt, pepper

  • First make Dow with flour

  • Second make tomato puree(For making tomato puree first take pan and heat pan for 2-3 minute then add butter after that put chopped onion then add boil tomato then tomato puree will be ready.

  • Third, add tomato puree in heated Dow, put some mayonnaise after putting some mayonnaise put chopped slice cheese all over the Dow.

  • Fourthly, add some salt, pepper as you like.

  • Then garnish the pizza with onion ,tomato, capsicorn

  • Finally delicious mixed pizza will be ready…..

Recipe from Prajeena Shrestha

May 09

Dwarika ‘s Hotel – A Heaven on Earth

The Dwarika’s Hotel, The first visit to the Dwarika Hotel with my wife Akritee for a drink leaves me a wonderful moment. The Second visit  with  Sachit and his family  from Cologne for a cup of  coffee impress me a lot. Everytime when I go there it leaves me a wondermoment. An entrace fee to enter the Hotel is acceptable eventhough it is free to enter the Hotel. .  This is the best Hotel in  the city with  a living tribute to Nepal’s Architectural and Cultural Heritage.

There are different food Events going at the Dwarika’s Hotel.  Some pictures  of the food Events;

Friday Barbeque at Dwarika’s Hotel

I am  lucky to have this wonderful place only    15 minutes walk from my residence. I haven’t been to the Friday Barbeque yet. I am sure I will be go someday soon.

 Hope I will see you there on Friday. The story of  the Dwarika’s Hotel starts in 1952, the late Dwarika Das Shrestha (1925-1992) passionate to collect the old Doors and windows. As his collection grows, he have less space to store them. He decided to construct a building   in the old newar style of  Kathmandu, using the carved windows and doors that he collected. After constructing one after another building, it turns into the Dwarika’s Village Hotel.

Image:  The Dwarika’s Hotel CD Catalogue from the ITB Fair Berlin 2008

Image:  The Dwarika’s Hotel CD Catalogue from the ITB Fair Berlin 2008
Krishna Arpan, a typical newar food

Ram Palace by night

A wonderful view of the Ram Palace Hotel.
You can access more information about the
Hotel at www.dwarika.com.

The Philosophy of the late Dwarika Das Shrestha is supported by his  wife Mrs  Ambica Shrestha founder Chairman of the Dwarika’s Hotel.

The Dream of the Dwarika Das Shrestha
to recreate a 15th-17th century environment where tourist and Nepali alike would have a sensation of the original”.

Through the fulfillment of his dream would come the source and vehicle for distributing the gains of development into the different sectors of society and people.

Firstly, this was in the form of training                                               Image:  The Dwarika’s Hotel CD Catalogue from the                                                                                          ITB Fair Berlin 2008

and apprenticeships for craftsmen, which benefited both the craftsmen and the development of the hotel’s unique architecture. Then as time went on, Dwarika’s was in the enviable position of being able to contribute more to Nepali society and the world as a whole

Image:  The Dwarika’s Hotel CD Catalogue from the ITB Fair Berlin 2008
A delicious mouth watering Thali of the Dwarika’s Hotel.

Image:  The Dwarika’s Hotel CD Catalogue from the ITB Fair Berlin 2008

Fusion, Cocktail Bar

The Presentation at this hotel is superb but the Cocktail was not so good as I was excepting. The  taste  of Mochito at the Fusion bar is unfortuantely not so  good for this fine hotel. You are at Dwarika’s Hotel not for the Cocktail but for the fine ambient, arts and the presentation. Yes, the Dwarika’s Hotel  is the Heaven on the earth. If you are in Kathmandu, visit the Dwarik’s Hotel.

Mar 09

Cooking and way of living in Nepal

A big hello to everyone out there! I have moved from Germany to Nepal  on Dec. Well I am enjoying my social life, freinds and family in Kathmandu. I am living with my family and that’s why I am cooking not so often like I do in Germany as well as busy with my office. I have took some pictures during last three months in Kathmandu to list it on newafood but due to the heavy power cut in Nepal. It is very diffcult to do that, Thanks to our new poltican, who makes this things happen..

Here is the lovely Veg MoMo from my family.. Cooked on Dec 2008. I hope to post more receipe and pictures on coming days.. If you any receipe, please mail me. Thank you..

Nov 08

Cauliflower with Zucchini & Mushroom

Zucchini was very new for me some years ago. In Nepal, Zucchini is not available in the local market. Zucchini is the native american plant.

In a culinary context, zucchini is treated as a vegetable, which means it is usually cooked and presented as a savory dish or accompaniment. Botanically, however, the zucchini is an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the female zucchini flower.

The taste of Zucchini is wonderful. It can be used in many different kinds of dishes like fish, meat, noodles, Pasta. you can bake, cook or fry Zucchini.

Here I have prepare  zuchhcini with Cauliflower and  Mushroom. The taste was very pleasant.

Oct 08

Happy Dipawali Greetings

Oct 08

Newar Music Group Mukti N Revival, one of the top rock band of Nepal

Mukti Shakya was born and brought up in Jyabahal tole, Kathmandu. Interested in music since his early age, he was deeply influenced by western music. He fell so much in love with guitar that he spent all day and night playing it and making music in it.

Mukti, a young lad then, got his first break from Radium, one of the popular local bands. In the mid 80s, Mukti formed a new band The Elegance with friends of his own age and started to write his own music. True to its name, The Elegance proved it’s charm and became the most talked about band of the time.

Mukti was soon regarded as an inspiration to the up coming musician and idol to many musicians of the valley. There are thousands of his fans belonging to different age groups from teenagers to old folks who still adore him in Nepal and else where. The Elegance chapter had to be closed in 1987 when Mukti decided to go to Spain.

In Spain, he was offered to join a professional band Tramontana as a lead guitarist. He traveled to different parts of Spain with the band and was able to make himself a name in the music scenario there.

Mukti came back to Kathmandu in early 90s when Kathmandu was going through musical identity crisis like anywhere else in the world. He then decided to revive the old musical charm. He collected his old friends and started rocking the old tune which always made them swing and roll. They named themselves Revival. Between 1993 and 1996, Revival went through many changes in line up. In the beginning of 1997 Mukti was rocking with a fresh lineup. One of his good old friends suggested band’s new identity as Mukti & Revival, which would made more sense every time he would appear with a different line up.

There was a band of energetic young boys in town, Newaz, looking for a front man to fill in an empty space left by their guitarist singer. Newaz had already cut an album and had earned a fairly good reputation. Mukti met Roshan, Binod and Rabin, and started to jam. It clicked so well that Mukti’s search for a regular lineup and Newaz’ search for a front man ended. From early 1997, a new lineup of Mukti & Revival started rocking in different occasion. Their first major appearance came in Kastamandap Jatra ’97–a mega music festival featuring all the popular local bands. Their other major appearances were Shiva Ratri music festival , Kastamandap Jatra ’98, Durbar Marg Fest, and Millennium Concert . Mukti & Revival also performed in various different parts of Nepal.
Source: http://www.nepalisite.com/artist_month/2004/mukti.cfm
For More information about the band member, please visit Nepalsite.com

Song: Newar Jam Song
Singer:Mukti Shakya
Album: Mukti N Revival
Music : Mukti N Revival
Band Member: Mukti Shakya, Binod Shrestha, Rabindra Shrestha, Roshan Kansakar